Golf Resort Ammerschwihr Trois-Epis

Just outside Colmar, between vine and forest, the Trois-Epis Ammerschwihr Golf Resort has lain its links over the undulating contours of the Vosges mountains.
Stretching out over 5,207 metres, this 18-hole course, laid out in 1990, is actually very enjoyable to play and very comprehensive from a technical point of view.

A significant number of holes on this course give you breathtaking views over the surrounding forest, the vineyards and the village of Ammerschwihr.
Our range of golf carts will allow you to take full advantage of these views over the landscape. For a golfing holiday in Alsace, we recommend that you try our 69-apartment hotel residence.

The accommodation has an indoor swimming pool, a sauna and a first-class hotel service.
Not to mention our restaurant L’ALMARIC where you can enjoy a variety of dishes composed of regional produce and some excellent Alsace Wines, including the renowned Grand Cru Kaefferkopf.

As a lover of golf and the countryside, what more could ask for than to book your holiday at the Trois-Epis Ammerschwihr Golf Resort!

18-hole course / PAR 70-5207 m

Ladies slopes    point bleu 131    point rouge 126
Men slopes         point blanc 138    point jaune 130

Pitch & Putt 9-hole course / PAR 27-592 m

Golf Resort Ammerschwihr Trois-Epis
Allée du Golf - F-68770 Ammerschwihr
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